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Although we have put together a plan to address our affordable housing needs as Fair Share Housing Center and Judge Mary Jacobson have mandated, we are still facing lawsuits from developers, including but not limited to Howard Hughes, who are not in the plan and nevertheless want to build at similar densities West Windsor has accepted only in mandated affordable housing projects.

I will stand firmly against this pressure, and against the pressure to settle cases just to stay out of court. I will be vigilant and protect the town against any rezoning that is not clearly tax-positive. As a member of Council, and a member or liaison to the Planning Board or the Affordable Housing Committee or the Recreation Commission or the Environmental Commission or the Emergency Management Commission, I will make sure that there is a business-friendly plan in place to deal with the increase in population that takes into account the availability of grants for funding. I have been successful in reaching out to State and County officials in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

West Windsor would not be the welcoming place it is if we cut services such as public garbage, recycling and brush pick-up. Our recreation department offers sports, summer camps, and special events such as Diversity Day, Community Day, Trunk or Treat, and the Christmas Tree lighting fireworks.

The Arts Council also offers classes, exhibitions, and special events. We can continue to support these amenities by relying on well-thanked volunteers, and by making sure every year that there is no waste in the municipal budget. One avenue of change I would particularly like to see the township pursue is the use of renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, and electric vehicle charging stations to serve municipal needs.

This would be good for the taxpayers’ pocketbooks as well as the environment. We must also expand our use of existing State and County services for township residents. It is important that the coming census be complete and accurate so that we in the township, County, and State receive the government funding we deserve.

I will support continuing efforts to fix dangerous intersections, such as the Washington Road/Route 1 circle, and the Village Road/New Village Road/Baxter Place intersection. I support, where warranted, the construction of roundabouts, which have proved their efficiency on the Alexander Road bridge in West Windsor and in several locations in Princeton, rather than traffic lights, which are far more expensive to maintain.

I attended the open house held in Princeton where the State and County explained their replacement projects for the Alexander Road bridges, where I was able to tell everyone that stopping traffic from turning onto Washington Road to go to Princeton from Route 1 was absolutely unacceptable because traffic would just turn the other way on Washington Road and make U-turns on people’s lawns as they did last time this was tried.

I will look out for West Windsor’s needs, and I will support sidewalks, trails, and bike lanes wherever feasible, and will make sure the township pursues grants to fund them wherever possible.

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